Pinocchio - children tale

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التعليم كتاب
المطور: Gerardo Iula
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This unique app delivers the well-known story in a fun and interactive way.

The professional pre-recorded soundtrack by an experienced narrator guides children through the tale. The audio track is perfectly synced to beautiful works of art as the screen scrolls right to left.

All artwork for Pinocchio was painted by the talented Italian illustrator, Graziano Vitale who has been designing childrens books for nearly 20 years.

The app is loaded with cutting edge features and comes complete with an interactive gaming module. The game provides with 4 puzzles pieces that relate to the story. Users scroll through the tale using the app’s highly accurate swipe functionality until they find the missing piece of the story where the puzzle piece belongs! From fairy tales to interactive games, this app is sure to keep children busy for hours on end!

Avoid spending money on paper bound books! For a fraction of the cost, buy an app that will last a lifetime and allow your children to have their favorite bedtime stories read to them!

App Highlights:

* Awesome audio soundtrack with professional narrator
* Stunning hand painted imagery by Graziano Vitale and more!
* Addicting puzzle game!
* on the new iPad the hires Retina Display graphics is gorgeous